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Self-Storage.WS, America's self storage leader now has a new pickup and delivery storage service. we pioneered the idea of a pickup and delivery self storage service using mobile storage units delivered straight to the customer's home, eliminating most of the frustration out of moving and storing personal belongings. This efficient moving storage method takes out all the hassle that many of us encounter when storing our personal belongings.

Mobile Storage
There's no need to rent a truck or borrow a friend's, because Pick Up & Delivery delivers a mobile storage unit straight to your driveway. You simply fill it up and then Self Storage picks it up and stores it at one of our Storage's secure storage units. Plus, our ground level self storage units make loading and unloading a snap.

Easy access to your storage containers
Need to access your belongings? Just visit our warehouse and we'll bring your moving storage unit to your tailgate for access. Your stuff is safe with Self-Storage.WS Pick Up and Delivery, because all of our warehouses are located in safe, secure neighborhoods; accompanied by security systems with 24 hour surveillance. Just imagine, no more driving down the freeway with a truck bed piled dangerously high with heavy items which could fall out at any time, damaging or destroying your personal belongings. And now, Pick Up & Delivery will deliver their high quality moving storage containers straight to you for free! There's no need to leave home, no stairs, no hallways, no dollies, and no hassle with the Pick up and Delivery service.

Minnesota Storage - Things You Should Not Pack

Owners of Minnesota storage facilities often express surprise at the kind of things customers want to store in their unit. Many of these items are illegal. Most of them, however, are things that should not be stored either for safety and security reasons or to prevent damage to them while in storage.

First, you should never store kitchen fuels, gasoline, propane cylinders, or fuel oils in the storage unit. If you want to store containers of fuel, make sure they are emptied out and sealed by professionals, if needed. Combustible materials, such as paints, are fire hazards in the tiny, close chamber of one of the Minnesota storage facilities.

Some items need to be cleaned, oiled, or otherwise overhauled before storage. These include kitchen appliances, such as refrigerators. It would be advisable to remove cells from battery-run appliances, such as clocks and remote controls. On the other hand, items such as old, expensive furniture should not be varnished before storage, as this can damage the finish.

The list of do’s and don’ts for storage items does not end here. You need to know exactly how to store woolen and silk fabrics, rugs, carpets, and similar items to avoid attracting pests. Similarly, glassware and porcelain utensils and decorative need to be packed in a way that minimizes the chances of damage while in storage. Modern Minnesota storage facilities are safe from fire, earthquakes, and floods. Most weatherproof Minnesota storage units prevent the growth of molds and pests.

If you have more questions about how to pack and store certain items, you can find answers by requesting a quote and asking for information through online forms. Send your address, phone number, and other details (such as storage dates) through this form. The Minnesota storage facility owners will call you back and discuss any concerns you have about storage, besides confirming availability of the desired storage unit.

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